Homeschool Group
  Junction City, Oregon

What About Religion?

Hello friends,

I would like to spend a moment with you to make sure you understand what the goal of Navigators Homeschool Group is before you move forward with your application. Navigators is built on a foundation of loving others and creating a space where people can feel included and accepted. As director of this group, this is the basis of everything that I plan and do.

I am a follower of Jesus and have chosen to homeschool my kids. I believe that being in a larger environment of friendship and learning is key to the growth of my kids and myself. I decided over 10 years ago that I wanted to open the doors of Navigators to families of all shapes, sizes, and beliefs. This means that we get to build a bigger table to welcome and love our neighbors. Who is your neighbor? Everyone around you is your neighbor! 

Do you know that Navigators has had hundreds and hundreds of families in the group over the years, who have all joined with different life experiences and different religious beliefs? I am proud to say that I have formed many special bonds with these families, and would not have met them or shared my life with them had I only opened the doors to people who believed just like me.

What does this mean for you? This means that in order to be welcome in this group you must be willing to love on people who are different than you. We will not be teaching about religion, because we each get to do that in our homes. Navigators is here for extracurricular activities. Bullying, talking down to someone, or arguing about religion or politics is NOT ALLOWED at Navigators. If you are friends with another family and you would like to discuss religion or politics at another location, feel free. However, during group, on an overnight adventure, or during other activities is NEVER the time to push your agenda or beliefs on another family.

Before applying for admission, please examine your heart and spend time thinking about if you can be a positive role model to our families and students, following the Navigators mission.

Just to remind you...

Our Mission: To encourage and empower homeschool families on their journey to educate their children by working as a team to provide extracurricular activities and experiences.

The success of this homeschool group is possible because of the families who support, encourage and facilitate the activities and needs of its members.

Friends and family, please know that I am always available to talk with you. I look forward to a wonderful year together.

~ Julie Foshay, President/Director